Werke (Oel)


Michael Kupfermann is working with different artistic techniques and instruments in order to create different and changing subjects and motives. His workings are showing mystic principles of the world. Abstractions of a new arranged reality, metaphysic room illusions, magic signs, pure colour compositions structured by graphic elements.

1954 Michael Kupfermann was born in Kiel, BRD. After his studies for painting and graphics he is living and working in Ottersberg, close to Bremen. Since 1981 he is working as freelanced performer. Due to his creative producing, Michael Kupfermann combines also a comprehensive journalistic work. The results are film documentations, posters, book publications and graphic editions. The workings of Michael Kupfermann had been awarded with numerous prizes. His current artworks are presented by famous galleries in inland and abroad. Some of his workings are belonging to public and private art collections.


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Michael Kupfermann is a passionate painter; again and again he concerns himself pictorial with different subject, colours and forms. His workings are presenting mystic principles of the world - nobody knows their presentation like Michael Kupfermann.

His technique and his style, which had been crystallized during the years, are showing his point of view concerning the world.


The performer is stacking colours additionally he is using self-mixed pigments. These pigments will be used as a glaze. Due to this reason is working on different projects at the same time; art is depending on the mood of the performer.


The gallery Loy recognized the noticeable sensitive colouring which is the attraction of his workings. The Hamburger Abendblatt praised: “Different mellow tints are dominating the skilful created workings. For the viewer and his fantasy, they are calming and stimulating at the same time. In an atmospheric glorious play of colours, it is possible to recognize cities and landscapes, figures and myths as they will come forward form a fog.“ The performer is able to show invisible lines; it seems that the lines will grow together, to an architecture study or to a figuration. In advance, he knows the result of the picture. But how will be decided during the painting. The performer has the opinion that “the pencil has to search...“


The basis of his art is the metaphysic view of the world, connected with a specific pictorial prevailing mood. The visually formulation of Kupfermann are not copies or illustrations of the reality. In fact, they are real situations concerning room illusions.
His compositions are a further development on the way of the core questions of life: from where do I come and where will I go?
The view to afterlife, into the cosmos, the articulation of tears and visions accompanying people during their development from the birth up to death, his way to the light, into the cosmic bassinet. These basic determinates of life are determining the content of the drawings of Michael Kupfermann. The pictures seem to move internal but they are also calm and harmonic. The performer knows the possibility to create easily drawings with all of his fantastic visions on the paper or on the linen.
(Dr. Barbara Aust)


The intention of the Kupfermann is the positive force, the beauty of the humans, cultures and times.

These principal items of his creations mirror his live as globetrotter, friend of Sioux or a man who is searching for freedom and wideness on a sail boat. This search guided him to a multiplicity of workings. These workings have an enormous influence on the viewer – due to the connecting elements - aesthetics and beauty.