Werke (Oel)


Michael Kupfermann is working in Ottersberg near Bremen.
Since 1981 Freelance performer.
1977     Studies of painting and graphics at the Art College Ottersberg.
1971     Apprenticeship as a theatre photographer in Kiel. Attendance of the College
              of higher education for experimental photography and graphics.
1954     Born in Kiel

exhibitions and publications

2023     Unique exhibition "Galerie Vetter", Düren.
2022     Edition Fine Art Print "All You Need Is Love", Kunsthaus Ostsee
2020     Edition Lichtdruckgrafik "Fliegender Holländer", Kunsthaus Ostsee
2019     Unique exhibition "Galerie Dethlefs", Elmshorn.
2018     Unique exhibition "Kunsthaus Ostsee", Kiel.
2017     Unique exhibition Gallery Moser, Osnabrück.
2016     Unique exhibition oil workings and mixing techniques,
              Gallery "in der Markstraße" by Jan Löser, Erfurt.
2014     Unique exhibition oil workings and mixing techniques "in the light", Gallery Lotz,
              on the Schiffenberg - Gießen
2013     Edition Light printmaking "The Town Musicians of Bremen", Gallery Kehr, Bremen
2012     Unique exhibition Art on Gallery Die Treppe Nürtingen.
              Unique exhibition, Volksbank Kirchheim-Nürtingen under Teck
              Unique exhibition "Weissdruck", Gallery Kaschenbach, Trier
2011     Unique exhibition "Light lines II". Gallery Die Treppe Nürtingen.
              Publication of the poster of the Palace of Aschaffenburg
              and exhibition at the art shop Wolpert.
2010     Unique exhibition "light lines" Gallery Kaschenbach, Trier.
              Graphic fitting of a TV documentation concerning the 30. day of death of
              of John Lennons "Imagine there is no heaven" of the ARD.
2009     Unique exhibition oil workings and mixing techniques "Multicolour" Gallery
              Kehr, Art on the Wall, Bremen.
              Publication of the CD "Over the Rainbow".
2008     Unique Exhibition of new oil workings "Solar vibrations" and retro perspective
              of the complete works, Kunst bei Kenst, Gallery am Salzgries, Vienna, Austria.
2007     Exhibition "A place at the sun", Art at Kenst,
              Gallery at Salzgries, Austria.
              New publication of the rainbow etchings, portfolio with 4 exemplars.
              Exhibition with new oil workings, Inter Art Gallery Reich, Cologne.
2006     Unique exhibition art on the Wall, Bremen
              Unique exhibition Gallery Die Treppe, Nürtingen.
              New coloured printings concerning the Dome of Cologne, Gallery Wehr, Pulheim.
2005     Unique exhibition, Gallery Wehr, Pulheim.
              Unique exhibition Art shop Götting.
2004     Unique exhibition, Gallery Kaschenbach.
2003     Unique exhibition "Ways and signs" Gallery Loy, Rastede,
              Accompanying a coloured catalogue with current workings.
2002     Unique exhibition, Gallery Die Treppe, Nürtingen.
2001     Unique Exhibition, Gallery Wehr, Pulheim.
              Unique Exhibition Art on the Wall, Bremen.
2000     Unique Exhibition "Uniques", Gallery Die Treppe, Nürtingen.
1999     The Manufakturverlag published the book "Leonardo da Vinci".
              Unique exhibition "Astronomic drawings and sidereal time meter".
              Gallery Grünspan, Nörten Hardenberg.
1998     Gallery Kley, Hamm "Human pictures".
              Unique exhibition "Images and Graphics", Arthouse Müllers, Rendsburg.
              Unique exhibition "Painting and Graphics" Gallery Ante, Herdecke.
1997     Second cycle of "Whales and Humans" as well as mixing
              techniques and other graphics.
             Unique exhibition Gallery Koch-Westenhoff, Lübeck.
1996     Graphic equipment for a TV documentation concerning the 15. day of
              death of John Lennons "Imagine there is no heaven" of the ARD.
              Between heaven and earth, a retrospective concerning the pictorial and
              graphic complete works.
              Galerie Rick, Bingen.
              Graphic cycle "Fly horse studies" Etchings.
1995     Publication of a graphic portfolio with the title "Yesterday",
              6 coloured etchings concerning the subject
              "The Beatles", their time and their music. Additionally appearance of and an essay
              concerning the 60s, written by Tony Sheridan and a CD of
              Tony Sheridan with the Beatles.
              Editions R. de Bernadri, Aachen.
              Publication of the art portfolio "Caught angel"
              with poems from Raphael Alberti and paintings of M. Kupfermann, published by
              Pictorial graphic documentation cycle concerning the history of the public services
              of Verden Aller.
1994     Publication of the book "From whales and people", Historika publishing
              company Hamburg. Publication of a poster for the exhibition of Greenpeace
              "The world of whales".
              Graphic cycle "From dream catcher and sidereal time meters".
              "Impressions of Cologne", a poster of the dome of Cologne.
              Gallery MAC, Verden, Painting, Mixing techniques, graphic.
1993     Publication of a calendar "Vision Quest", an Indian way,
              13 large-sized pictures of this cycle.
              Palace Fuerstenberg/Weser in connection of the Weser culture weeks
              "Legends and myths in the Weser Hills".
              Edition "Legends and myths in the Weser Hills" with 14 coloured art print cards.
1992     "Vision Quest" workings concerning the cycles "Mythology of the north
              American Indians". 1991     Unique exhibition Achimer art days.
              "From the diary of Horatio John Gray" Gallery Hansen, Bonn.
1990     Gallery San Fedele, Milan "Innamorata".
              Gallery Grünspan in the house of Proffen, Göttingen "Arche Typus".
1988     Gallery 113, Bremen "Nemorosaszacyntos".
              Publication of a graphic book with the title "Angle".
1987     Illustration concerning the novella "The ancient ringer" from Vladimir Korolenkos.
1984     Award "Surreal landscape" of the province Schleswig-Holstein.
1983     Gallery Runge, Kiel "Slug spring".
              Illustrations concerning the novellas of Leo Tolstois.
              Publication of the book "The corn as big as a hen s egg".


"Surreal landscape" of the land Schleswig-Holstein

Art award "Etchings" of the land Rheinland-Pfalz

Audience award Painting exhibition Flecken Ottersberg